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Riester Tuning Fork w/o clamps, C-2 512 Hz, Aluminum
SKU: 5167
Tuning fork without clamps, Aluminium, c2 512 Hz; according to Hartmann.
$ 66.00
$ 56.00
Riester Tuning Fork w/ clamps, C 128 Hz, Aluminum
SKU: 5162
Tuning fork with clamps, Aluminium, C 128 Hz; according to Hartmann.
$ 69.00
$ 60.00
Riester Ri-scope® L Otoscope L3 w/ LED light 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope L3 w/ Xenon light 3.5V Plug-in style handle w/ rheotronic for ri-accu
SKU: 3750.004
Otoscope L3 with LED light 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope L3 with Xenon light 3.5V plug-in style handle with rheostat for 2 Li batteries included
$ 503.00
Riester Reusable ear specula 3.0 mm for Ri-scope L3®
SKU: 10800-533
Pack of 10 pcs. reusable ear specula Ø 3.0 mm, black, ri-scope L3®
$ 4.59
Riester Ri-Former Integrated Wall Diagnostic System with 1 handle (without clock)
SKU: 3653
Ri-Former Modular wall system. Pick your base unit, expansion modules and mix and match heads for a custom system to suit a anyone's needs.
$ 394.00
Riester Nylon Bag for Ri-mini and Pen-scope, Black
SKU: 10475
Great Fit in Lab Coat Pocket. Use with pen-scope®, ri-mini®, or ri-scope® L (single handle)
$ 13.60
Riester C-handle Plug-in 3.5V / 120V LED for blades with F.O. and disposable
SKU: 12333
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Riester Ri-accu® 2.5V (for AA-handles)
SKU: 10680
Rechargeable battery for Halogen light 2.5V NiMH for AA-handles
$ 39.27
Riester Laryngeal mirror, 1 pair
SKU: 10447
$ 20.40
Riester Velcro Cuff 1 tube - Adult Size
SKU: LF107
$ 22.00
Riester Ri-Scope® F.O. Light Conductor, LED Light 3.5V, without Anti-Theft Device
SKU: 10576
$ 74.00
Riester Pre-Drilled Wall-Board (Configured) Ri-former, 2 Handles, Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope Head, Ri-spec, Spare
SKU: WB-004
$ 102.00
Riester Exacta® Palm Style Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (Lacquered Metal Black)
SKU: LF1350
Exacta Metal Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Mobile model with adult size velcro cuff latex free, color black.
$ 55.00
Riester Reusable ear specula (5 mm) for L1/L2, Ri-mini and Penscope F.O. otoscopes
SKU: 10795
Pack of 10 pcs. Reusable ear specula for L1/L2, Ri-mini and Penscope F.O. otoscopes 5 mm
$ 3.00
Riester Dejerine with Needle 8.26
SKU: 5038
Handle chrome-plated with needle, 21 cm.
$ 39.27
Riester Otoscope L2 with LED light 3.5V, Ophthalmoscope L2 with Xenon light 3.5V, Two AA-handle includes Ri Charger® L
SKU: 10703.1
Illumination similar to daylight of the area to be examined with XL 3.5 V xenon illumination or HL 2.5 V halogen illumination.
$ 743.00
Riester Brow Band, without loupe
SKU: 12771
$ 283.00
Riester Ri-Thermo Extension Module Thermometer with Anti-Theft Device
SKU: 3656-301
Extend your new or existing Ri-Former wall unit with this infra-red thermometer kit.
$ 118.80
Riester Bulbs for Ri-scope Ophthalmoscope, Ri-mini Ophthalmoscope and Ri-derma, Halogen Light 2.5V, Pack of 6
SKU: 10605
Pack of 6 pcs. Ri-scope Ophthalmoscope
$ 201.71
Riester Battery Type AAA Energizer Mignon Type E 92 Alkaline 1,5 V
SKU: 10688
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